Whiterock Waterpark and Beach Hotel
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Pistahan sa Whiterock

Whiterock has made many improvements in the last year i.e.; adding and upgrading rooms; adding to its waterpark facilities and improvements to its beach. We have not forgotten our corporate guests, we have added teambuilding facilities.

Our function rooms and venues have also been improved. Our latest development is the Pistahan Sa Whiterock. It is located in the center of our property with good views of the beach and Subic Bay as well as the attractions of the waterpark. The pistahan is an open air venue with native nipa hut type styling amidst coconut trees that provides a festive setting. It is well shaded and provides a relaxing place for all types of activities. Include lechon in your group meals and cook it yourself at Pistahan Sa Whiterock.

Sunset Restaurant

Sunset Restaurant

Dining and Entertainment Dining and Entertainment Dining and Entertainment
Dining at its best is done authentic popular Filipino dishes at air-conditioned the Sunset Café, as well as delectable Asian and International signature dishes cooked in our open kitchen; not to mention the elegant live and soothing music by our in-house pianist and serenading group that leisurely adds to the astounding sunset view. Enjoy our sumptuous breakfast buffet.

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