Whiterock Beach Hotel + Waterpark

Room Accomodations


  1. Deluxe
  2. Poolside 4th Floor
  3. Main Premium Deluxe
  4. Beachside Deluxe
  5. Seaside
  6. Poolside Ground Floor
  7. Beachside Suite
  8. Poolside Suite
  9. Beach Villas
  10. Seaside Villas

Room For More

Among 221 rooms is an inviting array of accommodations, all a stone's throw from cream-colored sands and serene blue waters. An exciting addition to the resort's strip of seaside annex rooms is a new three-storey wing with 21 deluxe international suites. Besides contemporary comforts such a flat-screen TV and Jacuzzis, each suite offers arresting mountain and sea views that strech beyond a newly built infinity pool.

The resort's tropica villages offer a more festive Mediterranean take. Cottages spacious enough for larger groups are clustered around courtyards, each replete with their own outdoor whirpool and barbecuing area.

Newly built is the resort's most exclusive seafront escape: the Admiral Villas. With warm wood walls rain showers and elevated sleeping quarters, each quite, exclusive villa is characterized by calming tropical modern design. Each villa also comes with private beach veranda where guests can lounge on a hammock or dig their feet into their own pocket of soft white sand.

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