Whiterock Beach Hotel + Waterpark

Year-Round Promo

Year-Round Promo Rates

Room Type Overnight Promo Rates with Full Board Meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner) (Dec. 16 - June 15) Overnight Lean Season Rates with Breakfast only (June 16 - Dec. 15)
Deluxe (main building) Deluxe Room 8,400 (for 2 persons) 6,120 (good for 2 persons)
Beachside Beachside / Poolside (newly upgraded) Poolside 9,800 (for 2 persons) 7,380 (good for 2 persons)
Beachside Deluxe Beachside Deluxe / Seaside Seaside Room 10,400 (for 2 persons) 7,920 (good for 2 persons)
Main Premium Deluxe Main Buildind Suite 15,800 (for 4 persons) 11,340 (good for 4 persons)
Poolside Deluxe Waterfront Executive Suite / Seaside Deluxe Seaside Deluxe 16,800 (for 4 persons) 12,240 (good for 4 persons)
Beach Cottage (2 Bedrooms and 1 Mini-room) Beach Cottage 22,800 (for 6 persons) 16,200 (good for 6 persons)

Additional Discounts will apply based on length of stay; i.e.

  • Two night stay - 5% discount on both nights
  • Over two nights - 10% discount on all nights
  • One week stay and over - 20% discount on all nights (June 16 - December 15 only)

Inclusions and Value Offerings:

  • Buffet breakfast (breakfast shall be served A La Carte during low occupancy)
  • Bonus lunch and dinner coupons worth P400 each meal per person (P1,600 total)
  • Use of beach and waterpark facilities
  • Free kayaking and canoeing, floaters by the wavepools, pool basketball, pool volley ball and beach towels
  • Other Facilities (at reasonable rates)
    Zipline, wall-climbing, rappelling, activity camp, bowling (10 lanes), spa services, KTV, recreation center, watersports (jeskis, banana boat, banca rides, surfpool, beach volleyball and others)


  • FULL PAYMENT to confirm reservations
  • Check In: Any time starting at 8:00 AM subject to room availability
  • Check out time: 12:00 nn (strictly enforced during peak days)

NOTE: Payments are non-refundable but may be used on future dates depending on availability

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